ZOTA Designer Shoes, One of the famous name brands in men’s shoes that you can find on red carpet events worn by famous actors and musicians, has spent over 20 years trademarking itself as a brand with unique Italian shoe designs handmade to perfection and that can only be described as captivating in style. That features some of the most unique exotic looks and trimmed with unique materials like horse hair and marbleized fancy leather with wrinkle finishes, that are not the type of dress shoe for the faint of heart to wear. 

ZOTA, founded in 2000 as an import and wholesale company in City of Industry, California. Specialized in design, production and market of men and boy’s dress shoes. They’re also the perfect brand for the larger man who has a difficult time finding a shoe that is comfortable, high quality and stylish.

Cooperated and directed by Italian shoe designers and using the traditional and the most advanced Italian technology, they have established their own designs, product lines, marketing network and customer service system to provide elite handmade, fashionable, comfortable and high quality leather and PU shoes in the United States and other countries.

Their fancy italian designer high fashion dress shoes are so unique and edgy that features long pointy toe looks that are simply jaw dropping at first sight and are unlike no other style or brand out there. The designers at ZOTA makes some of the most outrageous fancy and one of a kind styles that will keep people guessing what you’re going to wear next. And if you love Zota Shoes, you will simply love Fiesso Shoes as well. 

Below are some of our most popular ZOTA products. All of our ZOTA products are beautifully handcrafted and stylish for any occasion. Be sure to browse through our selection of ZOTA and even Fiesso Styles.